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Quality Policy

Quality Control Checks

At Padma Perfumery Works, we carry out periodic quality control checks to evaluate the products on different parameters. Only the best-in-the-quality is made available to the customers.

Methods/Steps Involved in Quality Control

"Padma Perfumery Works" has registered remarkable presence in the global market, owing to its meticulous quality control practices, both in composition of fragrances and in the development of colorful attractive packaging.

The product range is prepared at its in-house state-of-the-art production set-up using the leading-edge techniques. It offers one of the congenial and conducive working conditions for its employees, because it believes that workforce is a crucial resource and it goes a long way for assisting in manufacturing the high-quality incense sticks.

The company strictly proscribes child labor as well as conforms to labor law and regulations of International Fragrance Association.

Since the history of products we deal in is ancient but the policy and strategy of our management is modern. We encourage consistent improvement in techniques and methodologies, led by the philosophy to effect excellence and continue with our legacy of optimum quality.


The company was formed in 1954 by Shri D.R Pandurang Setty who was profoundly inspired by the treasure trove of nature, its beauty and fragrances, so he set about creating a world of his own. In the due course of time, the management of the company was passed on to his sons Mr. Srinivas and Mr. Rajesh, both proficient, visionary and driven by their father's deep desire for preparing and bringing out optimal-quality products for their customers. With their high capabilities and marketing prowess and nonetheless the aspiring guidance and blessings of their father Mr. Srinivas and Mr. Rajesh led the company to the new height.

Factory Tour

The factory covers an area of 27,000 sq. ft.

Factory Address
P.B. No. 1839,
D No. 147, 2nd Main Road,
Chamaraj Pet - 560018, Bangalore,
Karnataka, India
Staff 26.

Site Description and Advantages

Padma Perfumery Works developed strategic production facility, located in a place celebrated for the Agarbatti (Incense Sticks) in Bangalore, comfortable access to quality raw materials and also connected with all major roads and railways in the country.

The benefit for our clients is access to the international airport, as we are situated in the heart of the industrial city.

Advantages/Recent Development

The first time in India, the company has introduced incense sticks prepared based on Aromatherapy. The company is registered with EAN, so our every product is bar coded, complies with the guidelines decided by the International Fragrance Association.


Our corporate philosophy is grounded on attaining excellence in product quality, and helps in continuing with our legacy of quality assurance and enrichment.

We conduct research using modern methodologies for improving products but adhere to ancient method of composing incense. Our age-old approach is perfectly fused with latest research that stands us on a high pedestal of international quality standards.

We hold fast to spirituality that speaks volume in new age philosophy and our product line spans novelty and artistry. Our inveterate philosophy pervade our business ethos to different realms of the world.

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