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Padma Perfumery Works is an eminent company engaged as a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of perfume sticks, aroma perfume sticks, perfume incense sticks, perfume indian incense sticks, aroma perfume sticks including the following:

Incense Sticks Flora Sticks Floral Incense Sticks Herbal Incense Sticks Aromatherapy Incense Sticks
Fruity Incense Sticks Spice Incense Sticks Natural Incense Sticks
Traditional Incense Sticks Popular Brands Incense Sticks

Incense Sticks and Agarbattis

Incense sticks, are used extensively, both in India and Abroad. They have diverse applications ranging from religious, therapeutic to medicinal. Nature offers us innumerable fragrances, which appeal to one and all. The company's strength has been to manufacture niche fragrances in accordance to the needs of people arising from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

The company's motto simply says it all...'Continuing traditional excellence......Fragrances befitting Kings'. All our incense sticks and agarbattis conform to the standards laid down by such a prestigious establishment such as the International Fragrance Association.


We deal with aromatic products like perfume incense sticks etc. Although, the history of these products is ancient but our management policy is proactive as well as modern. We firmly believe that constant improvement in the product's quality helps you stay ahead in the market. With our philosophy to innovate and keep the Indian traditional culture in mind, we perform excellent work in the field of incense sticks manufacturing.

Our company started in 1954 by Shri D.R. Pandurang Setty, who was inspired by the beauty of nature and its fragrances, and thus, he start out to make a world of his own. In the course-of-time, the position was passed on to his sons Mr. Rajesh and Mr. Srinivas. They both are capable, efficient and driven by their father's prime aim towards creating and offering superior products for their valued customers. With their sound abilities, thorough efforts and marketing skills they took the company to new heights of success.


Our core business philosophy is based on innovation, Indian traditional culture and constant quality improvement. We not only stick to ancient methods of incense making but also incorporate modern technologies for our products. With latest research we work with global quality standards to bring forth the best possible range of products. As a result, all our aromatic products involve artistry and newness.

Quality Control Checks:

We conduct regular quality control checks in order to test the products on various effective parameters, and only the finest is made available to the clients. We have achieved considerable success in the global market, due to our stringent as well as thorough quality control activities. We keep up with excellent blending of fragrances and quality eye-catching packaging. All the products are manufactured in our modern manufacturing facility by using the latest techniques. We have provided healthy working conditions for our employees, as we believe that human resources are essential for success of an organization. Moreover, our Fragrances and Aroma perfume sticks, etc. conform with International Fragrance Association.

Site Description:

Our production facility is well-located in the heart of agarbatti manufacturing area in Bangalore. It has easy access to quality raw materials and to all the major roads as well as railways in the country.


  • Easy access to the airport, as the company is located in the heart of industrial city.

Recent Developments:

For the first time in India, the company has come up with the Aromatherapy based products. The company's enrollment is with EAN, and all of its products are bar-coded. And the products conform to the guidelines set by the International Fragrance Association.

Terms & Conditions:

Free samples available on request. Refundable courier charges on receiving the confirmed order. Depending upon the size of order L/C at sight, delivery is made within 21 days of the acknowledgment of irrevocable purchase order.

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